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Stay Ahead of the Curve

LA’s Most Coveted Brows

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    Skinny Eyebrow Pencils

    Carefully formulated, designed and tested by celebrity brow artist and founder Tonya Crooks over the past 13 years, The BrowGal Skinny Eyebrow Pencils are comprised of six unique custom-blended shades to perfectly match a wide variety of hair colors and emulate the look of real hair. In fact, these versatile tones easily allow anyone to find the perfect match for their hair color. No more creamy product that goes on to thick and unnaturally, but instead blendable pencils to easily define and shape the brow. Built to last, the innovative pencils are early call-time, rock tour and movie set tested and are sweat and water resistant. This is the must have tool Tonya uses on all her celebrities. Those kickass brows ain’t goin’ anywhere!   Need help finding your color or shape? Request a Skype appointment or send us an email and one of our experts will give you an answer within 48 hours.
    • Perfect eyebrow shade matching
    • Harder lead emulates the look of real hair
    • Sweat and water resistant formula
    • All in one brow tool with spoolie brush and one-turn sharpener cap made in Germany
    • Start with a pencil to learn to draw your perfect shape before you paint it
    • Made of cedar wood for the highest quality lead
    • Tested on set and on tour with the biggest celebrities and makeup artists
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  • BrowGal-FatPencil-A
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    Highlighter Pencils

    Double-duty made especially for brows, but insanely usable elsewhere too. The shimmer end accents your perfect BrowGal shape, while it also provides a gorgeous glowing highlight to all areas of the face. The matte end covers hair re-growth in between tweezing, accents brow shape and conceals facial imperfections anywhere. Both sides offer a soft, workable formula that spreads easily and doesn’t quit…even when you feel like you need to.   Need help finding your color or shape? Request a Skype appointment or send us an email and one of our experts will give you an answer within 48 hours.
    • Double ended pencil Shimmer/Matte
    • Two color shades fits a variety of skin tones
    • Conceals regrowth
    • Blends easily
    • Formulated with Vitamin K and Alfalfa Extract to help reduce the appearance of puffiness around eyes
    TIP FOR FINDING YOUR COLOR HIGHLIGHTER It really comes down to preference. 01 if you prefer silver. 02 if you prefer gold. We usually recommend the 01 for lighter skin tones and 02 for darker tones but it is also up to you. You can't go wrong!
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  • BrowGal-Eyebrow-Gel-01
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    Eyebrow Gel

    Hold the shape of your brow perfectly and with staying power! The BrowGal Eyebrow Gel works with pencils and powders to seal and protect badass brows for anyone too cool to fuss and too busy to have to reapply. Go swimming at the beach, do hot yoga, or spend the night away from home….without the worry of your brows coming unhinged!
    • Water and sweat resistant for the everyday person on the move
    • Won’t flake
    • Medium to firm hold
    • Wears all day
    • Clear, undetectable finish
    Color: Clear
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  • BrowGal-Scissor-A
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    Sheerly, your brow goals are high, so sculpt to perfection with The BrowGal scissors; custom-designed by founder Tonya Crooks that fuse her artistic sensibility with her incredible skill for eyebrow shaping. Made of stainless steel with short, sharp, high precision blades that ensure no rusting and no over trimming to keep your brows as fierce and bold us you are.
    • Short, sharp blades for precision cutting
    • Easy to angle
    • Unique design
    • Stainless steel – no rusting
    • Gal and dude approved – ALL BLACK
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  • BrowGal-Tweezer-A
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    Meticulously custom-designed for The BrowGal by a high-end Italian knife company, our tweezers are an essential component in Tonya’s repertoire to tailor proportional eyebrows to each person’s unique facial structure. Made with triple pounded steel with a precision slanted tip, The BrowGal Tweezers will last longer than your current pair and are the ultimate tool for flawless hair extraction and perfectly shaped brows!
    • Precision slanted tip
    • Grabs even the smallest of hairs
    • Triple pounded, stainless steel that won’t rust.
    • Developed and made by Italian knife company
    • Comfort spring hinge far easy, tireless tweezing
    • An essential component to shape thicker, proportional eyebrows to each person’s unique facial structure.
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  • second-chance
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    Second Chance – Brow Enhancement Serum

    Don’t give up on your sparse brows…give them a Second Chance! Look younger and more vibrant by using the system that Tonya’s celebrity clients worldwide swear by: Second Chance Beauty Supplement and Second Chance Brow Enhancement Serum. The complete program to obtain the full, healthy brows you were born with! Second Chance Brow Enhancement Serum is the most innovative, results-driven, topical eyebrow enhancement serum on the market today. Offering visible results in as little as four weeks, this serum is for anyone who wants to look younger and healthier with perfect, red-carpet-ready brows. Second Chance incorporates patent-pending, “green” Restoplex technology, along with other key ingredients, to deliver noticeable results that condition, enhance and strengthen brow hair. A 3-speed vibrating brush increases circulation to the area and delivers product to the root of the hair for faster results. 6 MONTH SUPPLY – USE IN CONJUNCTION WITH SECOND CHANCE SUPPLEMENT FOR BEST RESULTS.

    Highlights Include:

    • Results in as little as 4 weeks (probably much quicker!)
    • Safe and patent pending "green" Restoplex technology for restoration of healthy looking brows.
    • 3-speed vibrating brush to increase circulation to the area and deliver product to the root of the hair for faster results.
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Full of Shape

“Give a girl good brows, she looks good for one day; teach a girl how to create good brows and she’ll look good for a lifetime.”
– the browgal mantra

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Brow Rehab

These Browgals Worked the Program


  • "I had the sperm brow. I know...gross. But that's what they looked like and I needed help. I got made fun of a lot until I found The BrowGal. Thank you, Tonya!"

    - Jessica (18) Chicago
  • "Tonya and The BrowGal are the only ones I trust to touch my brows. They have helped me find the perfect brow for my face and taught me how to keep them looking great between appointments."

    - Jessica (27) New York City
  • "I wanted brows like Megan Fox and Cara Delevingne so went to The BrowGal to get the look they have created for these celebrities. If you trust their way of doing things you will never be happier with your brows."

    - Stacey (25) Dallas, TX
  • "Use the scissors. Buy the scissors. Life. Changing. Duh"

    Sherry (31) Malibu, CA
  • "Bold brows are in but I didn't want to go too thick. The BrowGal team worked with me to find the best shape and sized brow that fit me and that I was comfortable with. Great how-to tutorials!"

    Barbara (48) Palm Beach, FL
  • "I was battling cancer and lost both brows. The BrowGal team got me back into shape with full brows and I'm kicking butt with their products and education."

    - Becky (42) Denver, CO
  • “I used Second Chance on my brows and lashes for 2 weeks and got stopped on the street 4-5 times in one day by women asking about how I got such full brows."

    - Mindi Walters (32) Los Angeles
  • "I was so sick of creamy pencils, powders, and pomade that gave me the chola look and of colors that gave me orange brows. And HELLO, stencils don't work. So glad I found The BrowGal products."

  • "The harder lead of the pencils and the hand mixed colors made my brows more badass then they have been in my entire life."

    Amanda (21) Orange County, CA

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